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Let's face it - times are tough. Rather than go to specialty stores or make as many impulse purchases, people are going online and looking not only for the best price, but the best shopping experience. Visitors don’t want to have to guess how your site works, if it’s secure or if you’ll share their information with third parties. They also don’t want a confusing navigation or search function that brings up everything they weren’t looking for before finding what they did want. By the time that happens, they’ll go elsewhere out of frustration.

ecommerce websites in Greensboro

Triad Web Design Service offers customized, cost-effective e-commerce solutions that can be tailored to the unique needs of your online business.

You can choose anything from a simple 1 product store front to a highly customized online store with dozens of options.

    We offer:
  • Unlimited number of categories, sub-categories, products and options.
  • Order discounts and promotional codes with single or multi use discount codes.
  • Products can be linked to multiple categories and have multiple options.
  • Set the order in which products display.
  • Options can be individually set to Optional or Required.
  • Options can be given a weight which will be factored into the shipping cost calculations along with the Product weight.
  • Support for "text" options which allows a customer to enter text when they order a product.
  • Digital Downloads are fully supported. All downloads are done through a script that checks the order status before allowing the download.
  • Store can be run in "Catalog Only" mode. This way, the store acts just like an online catalog, without any links to a shopping cart.
  • Ability to choose the "Featured Products" on your homepage.
  • Tax-free products and options.
  • Support for product Ratings & Reviews per product.
  • Maintain inventory levels by product and product options.
  • Multiple product images
  • Zoom product images (multiple zoom options)
  • Integration with social media website

Are you ready to start selling your products online?

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